What is a colour analysis?

By working out which colours suit you best can really transform how you feel about yourself but also how other people see and treat you.

Colour analysis helps us determine what colours will make us look heathly, youthful and glowing. When you don't wear the your best colours you can look drained, older and tired. You should be the focus, and not your clothes. Wearing your best colours can make people see YOU first - let people see the real you.

You don't need to follow the current colour fashion trends - once you know the colours that work for you! You can stick to your own colour palette and be confident of how great you look. Don't believe the hype that everyone should wear black!

Once you've had your colours done... just be prepared for the flood of compliments!

Personal Consultation

I will help you find out your best colours so that you can go and buy clothes with confidence knowing that everything will match. Invest your money wisely by buying shoes, jackets and trousers in your best neutrals.

I will come to your own home so that you can be completely relaxed and we will discover...

  • Do you have a warm, cool or neutral skintone?

  • Your best darkest neutral colour

  • Your best lightest neutral colour

  • Your best accent colours

  • Which Season and/or Tone you suit best

  • The best complimentary makeup palettes for your Season and/or Tone

  • How to wear the clothes you already own and love, just by making simple changes

You will get...

  • Your own personal swatch

  • A seasonal leaflet highlighting all your best colours, jewellery and make-up advice

  • Approximately 1.5 hrs discovering your perfect colours

Online Consultation

An online consultation can be conducted in the comfort of your own home. To conduct an online colour analysis, I will send you an online questionnaire and you'll need to provide a clear photo of your face. Once the analysis has been completed you will get...

  • An online Zoom meeting to discuss and review your colour selections

  • A colour personality questionnaire results

  • A personal report containing details of your season/tone, best colours as well as jewellery and make-up advice

  • A personal online colour swatch to aid future shopping trips

Online Consultation Online Consultation Online Consultation Online Consultation

A few examples of the online colour analysis - which colours do you prefer?

Wendy Orpwood