Care Homes

As UnionBelle Entertainment, I have a large repertoire of songs available within my sets. They are all grouped by either a theme or era. This allows me to cater for all ages of the residents. Music helps to engage, manage stress, soothe and uplift the mood.

Singing Lessons

UnionBelle offers singing lessons for all age groups. Whether you want to improve your technique, sing a solo at a wedding or just sing for fun... I can help.

Private events

As UnionBelle Entertainment, I am available for weddings, birthday parties and special events. Please contact me if you require any special songs or sets and I will see what I can do!

The Blue Tides

Currently I sing with a band called The Blue Tides, and I was formally with KeyNoteBlue. The Blue Tides are based in Dorset. Our sound is a luminous combination of flute, saxophone, brass, guitar, bass and drums. With two distinctive vocalists we play songs from the Great American and British Songbooks plus exciting original arrangements.

Princess Parties

I also sing as Queen Elsa from Frozen and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I am available for meet and greets at birthday parties and will sing to everyone dressed as their favourite princess.

"Without music, life would be a mistake."

Friedrich Nietzsche